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Our Rotary Club is fortunate to have members from every walk of life who bring interesting and extraordinary life stories to our membership.  Every Rotarian has a different story to tell about their life and why they joined Rotary.  From lawyers and civil servants, to accountants and real estate professionals to retired professionals, our club is DYNAMIC.
There are many reasons why members join Rotary but the end goal is always the same - To make the world a better place to live, work, eat, and play and Rotarians help to accomplish this by Service Above Self.  Below is a listing of our Clubs members and their stories - Click on a member to learn more about them and if you're intrigued enough - come to a meeting and join our club!
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Rotarian Robert Nagy Past President Lance Calbeck Rotarian David Gowling Rotarian Sherry Haines
Rotarian Jennifer Middleton Past President Sherry Kerr Rotarian Joy O'Donnell Rotarian Jo Anne Link
Rotarian Vito Agriesti Rotarian Ron Birkett President Paul Oddi Rotarian Greg Anderson
Rotarian Juliana Weberman Rotarian David Young Rotarian Allan Lovett Rotarian Peter Neziol

Rotarian Rita-Maria Hadley Rotarian Leah Van Allen-Hase Rotarian Michael Huitema Rotarian Brenda Pascoe
Rotarian Shawn Mulrain Rotarian Andrew Haines Rotarian Aad Vermayden Rotarian Anne Buchannan
Rotarian Vyrt Sysson Rotarian Cecil Campbell Rotarian Angela Adam  
Rotarian Dennis Deuce Rotarian Jay Hill Rotarian David Bailey Rotarian Randy Folmes

  Rotarian Jang Panag Rotarian Paul Kneale Rotarian Cam Weir
  Rotarian Rick Sterne Rotarian Eric Sterne Rotarian Paula Tysoski
Rotarian Don Heys Rotarian Andrew Schwalm Rotarian Alan Giles Rotarian Wayne Fyffe
Rotarian Heather Hall   Rotarian Patricia Kings Rotarian Carolyn Kaminsky

Rotarian Derek Janzen Rotarian Shalaka Kulkarni Rotarian Greg Malecki Rotarian Scott Lyons
Rotarian Steve McGaghran Rotarian Roger Mann Rotarian Rick Martin Rotarian Teresa McDonald 
Rotarian Linda Milke Rotarian Michael Mears   Rotarian Norman Zhang
  Rotarian Cindy Swanson Rotarian Brian Stephen  


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